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For at least 9 years, the EKB was considered home of the most comprehensive Dish Network channel charts.  These charts were maintained by hand based initially on user observation and later by following uplink activity reports.  With the explosive growth of carried local markets and the duplication of national channels onto the Eastern Arc often generating hundreds of changes each week, this task became all-consuming and unmanageable.  The following sites are good sources for channel charts:

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Dish Channel Chart Archives

The 1996 and 1998 lists are from old Dish Network Literature.
The 2001 and newer charts are archives of this chart which started Spring 2000
January 1997 December 6, 1998 April 23, 2000
April 2001 June 15, 2002 October 27, 2002
September 1, 2003 January 23, 2005 September 9, 2009

Individual Satellite Location lists by channel number:

(9/09 archives)

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